July 27, 2019

Reduced Doom Content

Now with 30% less doom and despair! This week we talk about earthquakes, mythical cats, and the gender wage gap in sports. Plus, do we have nature's solution to America's antibiotics problem? Not if capitalism has anything to say about it!

Content Warnings: Law Enforcement, medical, burn injury

Flesh-eating bacteria, CRISPR babies, and an explosion of wasps. Plus: shocking twist in our campaign coverage you won't see coming!

(Content warning: war crimes, abuse, illness, dog illness, climate change.)

The Millennial Doomsday Review (c) 2019 Highwayman Entertainment

July 4, 2019

Moon War I

China invades Africa! Chrome's incognito mode still useless! Rocky Mountain High even higher! Also in this episode: We recorded our Everest bit before the John Oliver segment came out and we're salty about it.

(Content warning: war crimes, child abuse, anti-autism, anti-blackness.)

The Millennial Doomsday Review (c) 2019 Highwayman Entertainment

June 27, 2019

Everything is Corn

This week, on the Millennial Doomsday Review: the Cornpocalypse, killer cyberweapons, the story of one man... and the war he longs for. Plus: Who's a good dog? Science may be one step closer to finding the answer.

From Secret Agent Whales, to Mind Reading Hats, to Necromancy; come and let Brain In A Jar take you on a journey through the news. 

March 30, 2019

What Hath Science Wrought

This episode of Millennial Doomsday Review, our favorite Brain in a Jar talks about how rich people get into college, a hot lawsuit involving Devin Nunes's Cow and Devin Nunes's Mom, and Space Herpes!

March 16, 2019

The Scandal Singularity

Your favorite Brain in a Jar has returned to talk time traveling politicians, Brexit, memes and scandals galore!

February 7, 2019

Our Frozen Toxic World

Davos, The Cold Snap and Badly hidden notes: News for January 25th-31st from a brain in a jar

February 2, 2019


January 24, 2019

The News That Matters

Michael Cohen, Marches, the Moon Plant, and more! From insulin to anti-vaxxers to the longest government shut-down in American history, Brain In A Jar has opinions about all of them.